Bodhi – DLA 9 (KUSH 4 x 88G13HP)



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MAMA: Kush [#4]

PAPA: ’88 G13 Hashplant

Nevil on Kush 4

The Maple Leaf came from a guy known to me as Jim Ortega. We traded seeds for a while. Not only did he supply me with Maple Leaf, but also Garlic Bud and Kush 4. The cannabis smoking world owes him a lot. 

The Maple Leaf line provided me with a plant that I labeled Afghan T. This plant is the mother of Super/Ultra Skunk and also crossed well with HzC.

Kush 4, I crossed with NL2(which had the same Kush smell) and this Kush Hybrid is the foundation of todays Kush lines.

Garlic bud has also made it’s presence felt and is part of todays super yielders.

Let me say one more thing about ML AfgT. This plant had exactly the same smell as Sams best SK1 but more so. It is the true Skunk archetype. I do not believe for one N.Y. minute that Afghani#1 is behind the SK1, which IMO gives credence to the Mendecino Joe story about SK1.

The world owes you a big Thank You Jim!
Let me be the first to say that I appreciate the work that you have done.