CannaExotics – Dark Abyss (LP/PF/Zinn/Kona Sunset x Kings Banner)



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The famed Lemon Purple female blends with Purple Flame and Zinn plus Kona Sunset all to tackle the Kings Banner for added structure and power while throwing out wonderful purples and greens with a jolt of strong resin expression.  Amazingly complex, this set will bring the exotic to your garden and leave you smiling.  9+ weeks to stunning fun.  Very limited, very good.  Don’t wait or they’ll be gone!

MAMA: Lemon Purple x Purple Flame x Zinn x Kona Sunset

PAPA: Kings Banner

*** Produced using 10 males to increase the possible phenotype range for highest possible THC and so breeders can target needed traits within the line. Some color suppression in the color lines have been observed due to the wider range but still is expressed within the lines.