CannaExotics – Hawaiian King (Pele’s Sword x Kings Banner)



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A complex and very fun hybrid, this one has a great vigor and range.  From 10+ weeks to finish.  This old Hawaiian line was held by natives in Oahu, that is based in Thai, and I was lucky enough to be given seed, which was back in 2009.  I made seeds using my old Zinn mother, with her grape sweet taste and rich purple color.  Now, here we have a blend with the Kings Banner males to bring forth another layer of exotic with power, offering the growth some very plants with great yields.  Easy to grow and both exciting greens and delightful purples to enjoy.

Pele’s Sword [Purple] (Oahu Hawaiian Thai Hybrid x Zinn)

PAPA: Kings Banner

*** Produced using 10 males to increase the possible phenotype range for highest possible THC and so breeders can target needed traits within the line. Some color suppression in the color lines have been observed due to the wider range but still is expressed within the lines.