CannaExotics – OMH x Cinnamon x PG x FC x BM



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This one seems all over the map, and for good reason, It needed each one listed for the outstanding trait it was targeted for. This one I’ve been working on for some time. It has old stuff from long ago including Cinnamon and Flavor Country, both of which bring hard strong tastes and very good buzzes. The Berry mania brings some colors and sweetness. Pure Gooey from 09 brings on a heavy resin which is very good for the production of great hash.  |

Old Mendo Haze peeks through some to brighten the taste and bring others forward.

LINEAGE: Old Mendo Haze X Cinnamon X Pure Gooey X Flavor Country X Berry Mania

HARVEST WINDOW:  56 – 70 Days

NOTES: Wide, full plants.