CannaExotics – Shock and Quiver (Zinn x Dark Cross x Kings Banner)



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Love to smoke exotic pot?  Need strong smoke that’s worth more than you paid?  Look no farther!  This one will have you coming back for more over and over!  How can this much stink come from such a pretty line?  Well, the KB brings it here.  The color phenos will be very spicy, while the greens will remind you of times past.  Tight structure is the norm and give way to productive plants that are easy enough to grow.  8 weeks average flowering and look for the darkest females to clone and save!  You’ll be shocked and quiver with this one.  Limited release here so don’t sleep on it!

MAMA: Zinn x Dark Cross

PAPA: Kings Banner

*** Produced using 10 males to increase the possible phenotype range for highest possible THC and so breeders can target needed traits within the line. Some color suppression in the color lines have been observed due to the wider range but still is expressed within the lines.