DJ Short – Breeder’s Choice Mix #1



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Comes with a free regular 5 pack of Breeder’s Choice Mix #4!

The Breeders’ Choice Mix 1 is a working breed stock of a [fl]oral branch from Dj’s Blue-Line. From just under 2 packs, 28 seeds-12 females, we found 4 female keepers. All females in testing displayed heavy colouring and dank floral berry terpenes.  The males were not kept long enough to determine a keeper ratio. It’s assumed that at least 3-4 of the males would have also been worthy of further investigation. The four keeper selections had heavy stretch-indica influences. The F13 male used for this cross was not kept for further production. There are 400 packs total in this drop. 

MAMA:  Happy Pussy


TYPE:  Sat. Dom. Hybrid (75/25)

EFECTS: Strong, creeper, long lasting and introspective.

AROMA:  Her aromas range from tangy/sour sweet floral mint rubber to dank floral berry syrup and musky forest loam.

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