DJ Short – Breeder’s Choice Mix #2



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The ‘FK’ or ‘Fruity Kush’ Side – The second in a series of ‘Breeders’ Choice Mixes’ from DJ Genetics.

This Mix #2 release utilizes parent seed-stock preserved from the mid-1990’s representing the ‘FK’ or ‘Fruity Kush’ lines. The parents being four female reps of the ‘FK/TF’ stock—very Berry-like stretch Indica, sweet and musky, and one unique, bright green, lemon-pepper, semi-sterile male of the ‘K3-4#2’ ancestral label.

The resulting progeny are Indica dominant sweet/fruity/musky richly colored resin-bombs. Fast-finishing, chunky nugs of dank, sweet fruit, making for some excellent building-block genetics or simply enjoyable finished product. Fifty-percent keeper-gems phenotype ratio for easy hunting. Great starting material for concentrate.

Exclusive, One-Time-Only drop!

MAMA:  FK/TF (four females used)

PAPA: Semi-sterile male of the K3 4*2 ancestral label 

TYPE:  Ind. Dom. Hybrid

AROMA: Sweet, Fruity, Musky

HARVEST WINDOW: 53–57 days indoors, mid-October outdoors.