DJ Short – Seven Of Nine (F13 F6)



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Seven of nine females in testing were what we considered to be worth keeping for further investigation, hence the name Seven of Nine.  These were made by open pollinating several stellar F5 F13 females with two selected males. The resulting progeny is a reconstructed version of a breeders choice mix F13 from original DJ Short F13 stock.

LINEAGE:  F13 taken to inbred F6.

MAMA: Several F5 F13 Females

PAPA: Two selected F13 males (both F5’s)

FLAVOR: Flavors range from earthen musk and floral cologne skunk to tropical fruity citrus.

HARVEST WINDOW:  65 – 72 Days

NOTES:  Sativa leaning F-13 hybrid, satisfying smoke, tart earthen musk, tropical fruity citrus, woodsy cedar, sublime, potent medicinal satisfaction, relaxing and calming with uplifting feel.

Limited to 219 total packs.