Dynasty – Huckleberry Web (Charlotte’s Web x Huckleberry 5)



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Currently one of our highest in CBD thats tested on average at (2:1) 13% CBD and 6%THC, which makes this a great medical strain for users looking for potency without side effects of anxiety. Strangely satisfying fragrance of berries and gym socks are dominant in this cultivar.  Fast blooming plants, low stretch, and 8 week bloom time have contributed to this extremely easy to grow plant  with low maintenance. Great bag appeal and effect!

MAMA: Charlotte’s Web

PAPA: 2017 Huckleberry (#5)

~56 Days

Parental Info

MAMA:   Charlotte’s Web is a high-CBD, low-THC clone that is known widely for its high CBD:THC ratio and medicinal value.

PAPA: The father is a select male chosen out of the Oregon Huckleberry 2017 gene pool, which is our favorite huckleberry male yet. The make up of the 2017 is an Oregon Huckleberry Bx4 using a Mt.Hood Huckleberry female in the mix.