KOS – Darkling Sativa (C99 x Black Forrest)



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MAMA: Cinderella 99

PAPA: Black Forrest

HARVEST WINDOW: 68 – 75 Days


SPECIAL GROWING INSTRUCTIONS: Please do not sprout these on a 24/0 photoperiod and KOS recommends 16/8 for sprouting and until 30 days old. Always allow plants to get at least 55 days old from sprouting, before starting to flower for maximum resin production; for Darkling Sativa I would recommend 65-70 days before flowering, and I would flower only clones indoors. KOS always recommends organically growing our gear for the full appreciation of smells and flavors.

Grow/Smoke Report

Variety Name : Darkling Sativa

Breeder : KOS

Growing Style : Indoor, soil mix, Bottled Organic ferts.

Smells / Flavors : Strong sweet Cindy99/Haze smell plus exotic tropical fruit bouquet. Flavor is strong sweet pink lemonade with a tartness upon exhale.

Lighting : 1,000W 10,000K MH

Weight : 2 oz. in 5g pot. “Maui pheno” was the lowest yielding of 5 Darkling Sativa females, but had 2-3X more resin and smell

Flowering Time Indoors : 59 Days!

DESCRIPTION : Produces an abundance of medium and small, dense/hard, spear shaped, large calyx, high resin, strong smelling buds. Exotic looking finished product.

Growing Experiences : Vigorous, Tallish, keep under control with early topping and bending, staking  at flowering onset. No mold, mildew, bug/pest, or nutrient problems. Finished early, harvested at 59 days, but looked done earlier!

Smoking Experiences :  A clean Volcano Mighty vaporizer was used for testing. Flavor is strong sweet pink lemonade with a slight tartness upon exhale.  The quality of high on this strain is amazing. Excellent clear, positive, energizing sativa high rarely seen among modern varieties. Lasts for hours and can be used all day without burnout/tiredness. Great for outdoor activities, enjoying music, and raising positive vibrations.


Review by CF Haze

Parental Info

MAMA:  The Cinderella 99 is a super long IBL sativa dominant that is also fast (56-58 days) which will counter the longer flowering times of the Black Forrest (16 weeks). She is a serious connoisseurs’ delight with flavors reminiscent of Haze and overripe figs, mucho delicious! The Darkling Sativas will get large, and if topped she will end up like a huge Medusa’s head full of large and long gooey buds. She will stretch quite a bit into flowering (more than doubling her size).

PAPA: The Black Forrest male I used in this cross is my old Vietnam Black landrace jungle sativa crossed to my old f3 Cherry Bomb. This variety is a stupendous killer with legs around 5 hours (length of effects) and I have made this cross before when I was ‘Magick Kingdom’ Seeds and called it “Cindy Black.” So I already know a lot about this cross and what to expect from it. The smells and flavors of the darkling Sativa will be mostly super Hazy/Cat Piss with a background of plumb & honey oil. Cat Piss lovers’ dreamboat right here with a full—basically pure blooded—sativa wallop!