Red Eyed – Joesy’s Breath (OGKB x Locktite)



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*Each pack is pre-packed with a free full regular pack of one of the following:
Locktite F2  | Tree Spirit  | Blueberry Iced Cream


OGKB on steroids is here. The father of this hybrid is our RedEyed Locktite stud. He is famous for increasing yields, potency, and vigor and has done it once again to the famous OGKB cut. We took this line to F-2 to anchor down amazing dank stank cookie terps and the famous OGKB color. This hybrid will blow you away from amazing yields and fantastic color, too incredible cookie stank that even glass jars are defenseless against. Get those carbon filters working well or replace them all together for these. Enjoy a tribute to the late Joesy Whales who was one of the creators of GG4 which is the backbone to our Locktite stud. Rest in peace Joesy, burn one for us and keep it lit until we can meet again old friend.



PAPA: Locktite

HARVEST WINDOW: 56 – 63 Days

YIELD: Locktite