Red Eyed – Welch’s Wonder (Purple Urkle x Locktite)



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At first crack of the jar and overwhelming stench of grape creamsicle and skunks ass shock the senses. Upon first examination the bag appeal highlights the breeding potential of the Loctite stud. He contributes bag appeal, potency, vigour and yield to the purple Urkle mother. Expect half or more of the pheno types to display varying shades of purple, ranging from light pink and purple Hues to beautiful expressions of violet and purple. ” Red Red Wine…” is the first thing you’ll think of on the exhale. The terpene profile is great, like vintage wine, with notes of Plum, lavender, grapes and red raspberries. The high translates very well to it’s Indica background, it has a very long lasting, relaxing effect.

MAMA: Purple Urkle 

PAPA: Locktite

YIELD: Average – Heavy

HARVEST WINDOW: 56 – 70 Days