SOC – 36th Chamber (MB15 x Devil Dawg)



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I’ve fallen in love with Motorbreath15. What a stunning plant to look at, the flowers have a really pretty silver sheen.  MB15 is one sticky/tacky bitch!  After separating seeds from the flowers, I tried rolling the hash off my fingertips and it’s tackiness split my fingertip from the nail bed lol.  Totally worth it though.  
Motorbreath is about as gangster as it gets, when you combine Chemdog D with SFV OG that’s no surprise though.  The sharp earthy citrus pine notes of SFV OG, blend and compliment the bottom end pungent, and vulgar rankness of Chem D perfectly in this #15 pheno selection. The loudness is real and it comes with one of my favorite qualities of any strain…..the smell translates to taste. Even without a cure. 
The effect is pretty euphoric and uplifting, while also being relaxing, so it’s pretty versatile. We want our smoke as gangster as possible so we used Devil Dawg to make some new blood. The 36TH CHAMBER is real and it’s (Chem D x  SFV OG) x (Ohio Deathstar x Stardawg IX)


PAPA: Devil Dawg