SOC – True Lies (Apple Fritter x Devil Dawg)



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Lumpy’s Apple Fritter is a combination of Sour Apple and Animal Cookies, it’s an interesting blend for sure. She is so pleasing to look at it is no wonder why she got so popular, no doubt your Instagram posts will be very clickable when growing this cut.

The smell is hard to describe but I’d say sweet and earthy with a similar taste. Apple Fritter is also well loved for her effect, being powerful while remaining relaxing and euphoric.

Devil Dawg is our cross of Ohio Deathstar and Stardawg IX. We feel she is a contender, and many other people agree. The Dawg passes on extreme trich production, loudness, and a pungency that can intensify the terpenes and effects of the mother in it’s offspring.

The offspring of Apple Fritter and Devil Dawg is TRUE LIES  


MAMA: Apple Fritter

PAPA: Devil Dawg