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The Chocolate Covered Strawberries x Fire Cookies was made using the same Exotic Chocolate Covered Strawberries F2 that was used in the Double Dipped Strawberries feminized seeds. I paired her up with a frosty Fire Cookie male that had great structure as well. There has been a report that some of the females in this line smell of Fruit Loops cereal, others smell like confectioners/powder sugar.

MAMA: Chocolate Covered Strawberries F2 [Exotic Genetix]

PAPA: Fire Cookies

TYPE: Ind. Dom. Hybrid

YIELD:  Average – Heavy

HARVEST WINDOW: 56 – 70 Days

POTENCY LEVEL: HIGH – Extremely High

Grow Review

Smells from my 3 phenos are all sweet/fruity with a slight skunky funk in the back. The keeper pictured has a froot loop scent with a nice profile of berry and citrus with undertones of cookie coming through:


All 3 grew very similarly, about 1.5x stretch and each have turned a shade of purple on the main buds. One has had all the foliage turn a rich dark purple. While the other two had a beautiful fade with hues of purples, reds and yellows. Beautiful plants and all 3 phenos could be a keeper for anyone.

They begin to look ready at 47 days…8 weeks will do the trick for all phenos, but my keeper could be a day or two ahead. These are grown in 3 gallon containers with about a 1.5 month veg, under 200w of COB.

Review and pictures by Shmozz_