I would like to welcome a new member to the JBC team! JC is my son and has joined us for some much needed help!!! You may see some emails and orders with JC on them and it’s not a typo, it’s really JC. He is a great guy and is dedicated to continuing the JBC tradition of excellent customer service!

Thanks to everyone for your participation in the September Bodhi and Useful raffles.
Congrats to the winners as they have been notified and prizes have been shipped!!!

Breeder’s Choice Mix #1 from Old World Genetics is scheduled to drop tomorrow (Tuesday the 8th) at 5:00pm (PST)!


Pistil Positive Creations has released the following new gear and it just dropped today!!!

AK Bean Brains new drop and restock should be here in the next couple weeks including his much sought after:

Tknl5 Haze
Black Domina BX

We are expecting a new drop including some new feminized gear from Mosca Seeds in the next week or so!

A Subcool restock and nice new promo has hit!

We received a restock and new drop list from Bodhi and expect it will arrive in the next couple weeks.
We will update exact drop date and time on our news page of the site and via newsletter as the drop gets closer.
Here are the new releases we are expecting:
Gypsy Eyes  (Axis x Old Mother Ghani)  limited
Friendly Fire (Jalahabad Star 5 x Purple Unicorn F3)  limited
Lemon Lassi (Lavender Lemonade x Kashmir) limited
Babylon Buster (Dreadbread x 88 G13 Hashplant)
Pillow Book (Master Kush x Purple Unicorn F3)
name pending (Skywalker x Purple Unicorn F3)  limited
SS011 Nigerian Space Probe (Big Sur Nigerian x Kashmir) limited
DLA 12 (Vintage Lebanese x 88 G13 Hashplant)
Nierika Upper Chuile Annapurna Region Nepal (20 beans) + Acapulco Gold Freebie! ($100 retail… proceeds to charity) limited
Dreadneck (Dreadbread x Wookie)
Master Hashplant (Vintage Master Kush x 88 G13 Hashplant)

Thanks again to everyone for your continued support!!!
Enjoy those beans,