I started dabbling with growing in the early 90’s. I brought some seeds back from Amsterdam, bought a Phototron (LOL) and I was off to the races. At the time, getting information about growing was difficult and getting strains that were any good was just a matter of throwing darts at the board and hoping for the best.

I know people’s natural inclination is to “protect what’s theirs” but I’ve always felt like the more I gave, the more I got back. That said, feel free to breed with and share my genetics.

I would like to dedicate Katsu Seeds to all of the friends I’ve made over the last 20 years because of this special plant, and to all the friends I hope to make over the NEXT 20 years. All of my seeds are made from elite clones, heirloom cuts, and dank genetics from the last 25 years. I don’t follow any fads or chase any particular flavor. I like weed that does what it’s supposed to do and try to collect the very best of what is available. 

Share the love, people. Katsu Bluebird