Red Eyed – Flying Monkeys (Emerald City Cookies x Locktite)



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Emerald City Cookies with an extra kick of Locktite! Which means a bit more girth. 

It has more weight from the Locktite, which has massive trichome covered buds and super sweet gas and limey citrus terps, and the “terpene rich, trichome encrusted dankness” from emerald city cookies.

This strain is no different in terms of caked on, trichome encrusted buds. With its hashy, berry, lemony citrus, creamy cookie dough notes, and skunky, earthy, old school terps that’s flavored on the exhale. An amazingly potent smoke with incredible bag appeal!

It’s very sturdy, easy to grow, with vigor, health and good yielders! If you love emerald city cookies, you’ll definitely be happy with Flying Monkeys!

LINEAGE: Emerald City Cookies x Locktite

YIELD: Average – Heavy

HARVEST WINDOW: 56 – 63 Days