Relic – Grapefruit Web V1 (Charlotte’s Web x Grapefruit F2)



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1:1 CBD/High Terpene content!!!

Grapefruit Web v1 is a beast of a plant, producing enormous colas of massive proportions. Stakes are certainly required considering the girth on the terminal buds.  Bloom times as fast as 7 weeks are common with this lady.  1:1 CBD/THC and high terpenes are across the board in this gene-pool. Smells and flavors of sweet & sour grapefruit,  mango and a subtle hint of antiseptic.

MAMA: Charlotte’s Web

PAPA: Grapefruit Web F2 (Sow-Low farms)

HARVEST WINDOW: 56 – 63 Days

NOTES: Top terpenes are beta-Myrcene, Limonene, beta-Caryophyllene, and Linalool.



Charlotte’s Web is a legendary high CBD cultivar with proven medicinal properties that have helped many people across the globe. 7-8 week bloom time and high yields are passed on to the progeny.

Grapefruit F2 male was selected from seeds gifted by our dear friend from SowLow Farms, whom made F2s from the original F1s. This particular male is a large yielder and high tepenes, which makes very tasty hybrids.

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