Hi Amigos, I’m the Rev, Cultivation Editor at SKUNK magazine, Author of True Living Organics, and Thee Pollen Slinger at KOS. My goals are simple, and it is to keep things as real as I can with a ton of old school stuff from my vaults and a little bit of newer stuff blended in sometimes. I have a real love for great sativas and sativa hybrids, special love for Thai, Haze, and South African Sativa genetics of yesteryear. You wont find any selfed, reversed, or otherwise “Frankensteined” breeding practices. The KOS spectrum is wide, and the prices are fair, KOS germination rates are always near 100% and I pay severe attention to detail when growing and breeding. Growing and breeding is always done all naturally only, and there are living worms still in my root balls when I harvest plants. This makes KOS seeds stay highly viable for years and years, even under poor storage conditions. Visit Kingdom Organic Seeds on Facebook and have a look at some stuff, updates all the time there. Talk is cheap, try my genes, you’re gonna like ’em.

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